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Trevor's Song

Posted by wag2read on February 9, 2011 at 11:32 AM

Title: Trevor’s Song

Author:  T.A. Beam

Genre:  biography, inspirational

Rating: 5

Review written by:  Joanna S.

Brief overview:  This book is a true story written by Trevor’s father, T.A. Beam.  One of his sons, Trevor, has just turned eight years old and graduated to one of the “big boys” to help in the farm chores.  One day tragedy strikes and Trevor is pulled through some farming equipment.  Unsure if Trevor will be forever lame – or even if he’ll live – Mr. Beam rushes his son to the hospital.  Follow the Beam family through this hard time as they lean on the Lord Jesus and trust Him no matter what.  Your heart will be inspired, as you delve into a book packed with God’s fingerprints and miracles.

Positive elements:  There are so many positive things in this book that it’d take a long time to account for them all, so I’ll just share a few.  In the midst of pain and heartache, the Beam family turns to the Great Comforter and trusts Him with their son’s life.  Siblings are close to each other.  Before the farm accident, Mr. Beam is close with all his sons except Trevor and sees this as a second chance to know his son better and show him how much he loves him.

Spiritual content/beliefs conveyed:  Jesus Christ is obviously at the center of the Beam family’s heart and home.  In the midst of carrying a mangled Trevor towards the house, Mr. Beam is pleading with God for his son’s life.  Once at the hospital, doctors take the time to pray with the family.  The Beam family witnesses to nurses, doctors, friends, and strangers in the hospital and everywhere else.  The Lord does many miracles, including saving Trevor’s life.

Negative elements:  None.

Other thoughts:  I used to get a bit lightheaded at medical terms and blood, so I was a tiny bit apprehensive of reading Trevor’s Song, knowing that Trevor is seriously injured.  However, I found that Mr. Beam not only wrote truthfully, but tastefully as well, sparing most of the medical details.  I did not feel lightheaded while reading and was thoroughly blessed by how the Lord miraculously worked in this family!

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Categories: Inspirational, Biography

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